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Crossroads Cafe

One of the best restaurants in Joshua Tree offering a delightful blend of fresh, locally-sourced cuisine in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Renowned for its diverse menu and vibrant community feel, it provides an ideal dining experience for both locals and visitors exploring the high desert.
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Sky High Pie

Sky High Pie serves up delicious, handcrafted pizzas with a variety of fresh, flavorful toppings. Their commitment to quality ingredients and a cozy dining atmosphere makes it a must stop in Joshua Tree.
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Grnd Sqrl

Grnd Sqrl offers a creative menu featuring innovative twists on classic American dishes. Located in downtown Twentynine Palms, its one of the best places to experience the city's unique culture and divulge in a delicious burger.
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The Copper Room

The Copper Room in Yucca Valley blends 1950s nostalgia with modern dining, featuring classic dishes and ice-cold martinis. It offers a unique atmosphere with stunning views, making it a beloved local spot.
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