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Night Life

Más o Menos

Más o Menos is one of the most vibrant bars in Joshua Tree, offering a unique experience with great coffee, natural wine, craft cocktails, and live music. Featuring a charming patio and hosts local vendors, makes this the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the desert atmosphere.
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Out There Bar

Out There Bar is a dive bar located in Twentynine Palms. Known for its eclectic atmosphere, it features live music, drag queen bingo nights, and open-air patio seating under the stars, making it a unique and energetic spot for both locals and visitors.
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Joshua Tree Saloon

The Joshua Tree Saloon offers a rustic yet lively atmosphere, serving as one of the quintessential bars in Joshua Tree. With its eclectic decor, live music, and tasty Southwestern-inspired fare, it's a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike to unwind and soak in the desert vibes.
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Fans Sports Bar and Grill

Fans Bar and Grill is a popular hangout nestled amidst the desert landscape, offering a unique blend of local flavors and a welcoming ambiance. Located among the iconic bars near Joshua Tree, it's a must-visit destination.
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