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Skull Rock

Skull Rock is a striking geological formation shaped like a human skull through millennia of erosion. A frequent and popular spot in the park for visitors, Skull Rock is one of the most photo-worthy places!
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Ryan Mountain

One of the most popular hikes in Joshua Tree National Park, Ryan Mountain is a 2.9 mile there-and-back hike. It's a relatively challenging hike as the first portion of the hike is uphill. Be sure to leave your furry friend at home as they are not allowed on this trail.
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Barker Dam

A 1.1 mile loop alongside Barker Dam where you'll hike along rock formations and have a view at rock climbers. Although this trail is classified as easy, there is minimal shade. Be careful hiking during the summer months and bring lots of water!
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Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a 1 mile scenic loop trail. There are rock steps and stairs at the beginning and end of this trail; however, the majority of this trail is a simple hike without uphill and downhill moments.
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